An insight into the World of Hamlet

What kind of world did hamlet live in before it was shattered? How does he learn to live in a world that has alienated him? What plan does he develop? What do the represent? Have all the young people inherited a “rotten” world from the older generation? How does the audience feel at the end of the play? What is his tragic flaw?

Before his father’s death Hamlet had been a young man with an active imagination, sheltered from the world of political corruption and the shattered relationships in Elsinore. The play starts of in gloom and austerity, in a world that is not as it seems. Hamlet is portrayed as melancholy and gloomy from the man he used to be, but that is however understandable due to the fact he just lost a parent. This event changes him mentally and morally, he has been alienated all his life from what is going on in his own country and family.

Coming back to find out that your father is dead and your uncle (Claudius) is the new king and has married your mother ( which is frowned upon at that time and considered incestuous). This causes hamlet to be suspicious of his uncle, leading him to question the righteousness and justice of the world. he was deeply troubled by his moral nature by what he regarded as treacherous, and felt it upon himself to bring justice for his father’s death, and due to the betrayal he faces his confidence in the moral government of the world and faith is shattered, leaving him with doubts and uncertainties about which path to follow, the good or the evil. This all leads him on a mission to exact revenge on those who had a hand in his father’s death, which would be the noble thing to do, however there is a difference between nobility and morality, and when you cant differentiate those it leaves you uncertain.

This all represents the changes and uncertainties that arise in Hamlet, representing how lost and confused he had become, showing the precipice on which he stands on, good or evil? and his indecision to commit to a course of action and this eventually becomes his tragic flaw. Although there are many his inability to commit or renounce the path he has taken is his greatest because it leaves him vulnerable enough for evil to strike.

I believe that the older generation in the play such as Claudius and polonius have left a world of betrayal and darkness, rotten to the core for the younger generation. A world where there is no trust and peace, only corruption.

At the end of the play you feel like the characters especially hamlet has grown and matured from the person he used to be at the beginning of the play. You feel that he knows what he wants and he is going to go after. That he is set in his morals and grounded, and even if the play ended tragically, you are happy with the development you see in hamlet.

shattered world all an illusion
shattered world all an illusion

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