Journal Reflection

In the parable ‘The Prodigal Son’ the idea or lessons being conveyed are ones of acceptance, forgiveness, repentance, and even jealousy. The Prodigal son is a parable that tells of what happens when you are impatient, selfish and arrogant, but it also tells of forgiveness, acceptance and love. The younger son was a young man who wanted his freedom and thought that he could have it by just asking for his inheritance before his father is even dead. He doesn’t take into account of anything else, just what he wants. He goes out into the world without realizing that the world is a hard place, and that he has been sheltered all his life. He spends all his fortune, without using wisely, he partied, fornicated, and wasted his life until he had nothing left.

Being at the lowest of low, to the extent that he starts working for a man taking care of pigs, which in jewish culture are considered unclean, which i believe is a symbolism for what he represents right now an unclean sinner. He decides to go back to his father and ask for forgiveness, he will repent and change his ways, turn over a new leave and what does his father do? he accepts his son with open arms and happiness, and instead of rejecting his son he brings him back into his embrace and dresses him in the finest robe, shoes, and a ring on his finger. I believe this represents God unwavering love for us and the Grace he bestows on us. We as a society are the younger son, the sinners, non-believers, but yet God will always love us and look out for us, he will clothe us in his grace, and accept us in his kingdom, we just need to repent and take the chance to mend our relationship with God.

Moving on to the older son, his jealousy makes him the sinner I believe. For it shows how selfish he is. Instead of being happy that his once lost brother is back he is thinking of himself, and what he didn’t get. He shows how sometimes we say that we are Christians but we don’t really behave like christians, we don’t even understand what it means to be a christian.

I believe the Parable relates to short stories such as ‘Teenage Wasteland” by Anne Tyler, Donny represents the younger son. I believe Donny wanted to be independent, was too impatient and wanted to be seen as an adult, he was selfish in what he wanted and didn’t take into account that he was hurting the people in his family, although the two stories end differently, instead of coming back to his family, Donny is still missing, while in the parable the younger son comes back to his family and and changes his way, I don’t think Donny is ever gonna change, he might learn a few lessons, but i believe his selfishness will forever stay with him.

This is why my reactions to Anne Tyler’s ‘Teenage Wasteland’ will never change, I still believe everybody in this story were incredibly stupid and were to blame for the outcome. His parents did not invest themselves more into his life, and other people like Cal invested themselves way more than was needed, to the point that he was controlling everybody in Donny’s life and Donny himself. I still believe that his parents could have done a bit more and tried harder to help Donny. Donny however, was to involved in himself to see that his parents where only trying to help him in what way they can. I still think they could have done better. I mean they are his family right? they should have invested more in his tutoring, tried other methods when they could obviously see that the one they were using was not working anymore, they could have tried to be more understanding, and now we will never know if Donny can be able to change, and look past his own selfishness.


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