Obsession ( Victor Frankenstein) monster or not.

Obsession is considered to be madness. The ambitious obsession of a human can turn that human into a monster. In Frankenstein, the creature is viewed as the monster on the surface of this story, however once you dig deeper into the book you realize that Victor Frankenstein himself is truly the monster, for his ignorance of what he has done renders him inhumane. Below I am going to list all the decisions that Victor Frankenstein made that affirms my decision on why I believe he is the true monster.

Victor’s ambitious ways could be viewed as trying to be God especially with him trying to create a human with his own hand, this is downright terrifying and adds to what makes Frankenstein the monster. The book calls the creature a monster, however if we look at it from a religious perspective, with God creating us in his own image and likeness could it not be said that Victors self-perception of himself is what in his process of creating the creature made him look deformed or not ‘human’. Victor created the creature in his own image and likeness.

Victor’s ambitious nature led him to make very horrifying decisions. First with letting someone take the fall for what his own creation had done, and in the process an innocent person(Justine) died for something she did not do when it was his own ignorance and ambition that caused the chain of events that occurred.

The way Frankenstein treated the monster is considered inhumane, abandoning his creation, with nothing, no knowledge or guidance it is like a mother or parent abandoning their child to fend for themselves. Acting like it wasn’t there,like he wasn’t the one who created the monster.

All this decisions made by Victor Frankenstein is what attributes, to why I would consider him a monster, and not the creature. In fact I would consider society itself the monster, treating the creature like dirt, showing no compassion or love, that is not what being human is. Being human means that we are filled with so much compassion, love, and hope that we want to share it with the world, and that is what the creature had been like in the beginning he was just filled with so much hope, love and compassion that he wanted to share it with someone, anyone.

Mary Shelley touches on the issue in society, we have lost all basic concept of what being human is, we have let ambition, and our obsession with power turn us into Frankenstein monsters. Our ignorance to our mistakes has led to humanities downfall, we are all basically little Frankenstein’s in the making.


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