The One who walked away from Omelas

The main question i derived from this story was if given the choice would I be the one who walked a way from Omelas?

The beginning of this story describes a place that is filled with happiness and merriment, prosperity and joy. There is no suffering to be witnessed in this society, there is peace and kindness. However, this is to the detriment of one child, who has to suffer in other for the people of Omelas to be happy, yet when they see this child, sure they feel disgust whcih they had thought themselves superior to, they feel anger, outrage, impotence…”  (pg 5, LeGuin) they know however that their happiness, and survival depend wholy on this child’s abominable misery (LeGuin). Some have seen this and maybe they could not comprend with the guilt they feel, so they leave Omelas, and they walk ahed into the darknees, and they do not comeback (pg 7, LeGuin) they are the ones who walk away from Omelas.

LeGuin raises moral questions for the society that we leave in today. In our materialistic world were unknowingly we have created our own happiness from the unhappiness and suffering of others. An example of this could be when there are layoffs in companies and we justify firing those employees with the notion that it is to save the company from going under. We justify everything that is immoral to society as it being for the happiness of society.

In other for us to live comfortably and happy, it could be said that someone else in the world is suffering for our benefit. The question is if we were to find out how much that person or people are suffering would i have the courage to walk away from that security, and comfortable life that i live, and i don’t know if i can. I don’t know if i would truly be brave enough to walk away from Omelas.


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